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Brazil is the world's largest producer and exporter of soybeans and corn. Therefore, the grain brokerage market plays a crucial role in facilitating trade in these products, connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

It is in this context, and with more than 40 years of experience, that Granopar brokers close the best deals in agricultural commodities, including soybeans, corn, and wheat, for clients from all states in Brazil and from many countries around the world.

Headquartered in the capital of Paraná, we are pioneers among the companies currently operating in Paraná, the largest grain broker in the state, and one of the largest in Brazil with a strong presence in the Port of Paranaguá and other Brazilian and global ports.

Every day, our brokers carry out various commercial transactions for trading companies, cooperatives, cereal producers, traders, and national and multinational industries through operations on the Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&F) and the Brazilian Commodities Exchange (BBM).

Moreover, we also offer the structuring of price protection strategies in the futures market, and we carry out transactions in several countries and on the main agricultural commodities exchanges.

The result of this is the annual movement of millions of tons of grains through Brazilian ports with a focus on building trustworthy partnerships with our customers.

Today, we are recognized for our solidity, transparency, and ethics in business due to a lot of work, dedication, and strong investment in the specialization of our team, in the relationship with the market, and in technology and information systems.

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We connect buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities, seeking the best commercial conditions for both parties, therefore contributing to the development and growth of a fair and competitive grain market in Brazil and around the world.


To be recognized as the Brazilian grain broker that trades agricultural commodities with end-to-end monitoring, based on reliable market information, ethics, transparency and quality in service provision and excellence in customer service.


We value ethics, respect, honesty, transparency, and commitment in carrying out our activities and exceeding our clients expectations, therefore gaining the trust of our customers and a solid reputation in the market in which we have been operating for over 40 years.

Our History

It's been four decades of hard work, challenges, achievements, and,
of course, good memories and stories to tell. After all, here at
Granopar, time not only passes, but also makes a difference: it
adds knowledge and value, and it brings relevance to each grain
traded on a daily basis.

Beginning of our journey.

We started from the meeting of two operating partners and an investing partner who intended to offer a grain brokerage service with total quality and reliability out of São Paulo, a state that concentrates the main companies in the sector in the country. Thus, in a temporary office in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, in Paraná, with just four telephone lines and a lot of drive to make things happen, Granopar was born.

From then on, with the move of the headquarters to the capital of Paraná, focus on corn brokerage, which was the flagship grain at the time, in addition to a lot of work, contacts, visits, trips, and events, the results began to appear.

Therefore, over the years, we also included soybeans (bran and oil) and wheat in our portfolio, following the increase in their production across the national territory, until we became the star of the grain brokerage market.

to Today time for reinvention.

The arrival of the new century also opened up new opportunities for Granopar's professionalization and expansion in the market. It was a time of reinvention that began with the strengthening of the leadership of partners Jairo Cesar Ditzel and Wanderley Tadeu Wiestel. However, over time, our services became even better, faster, and safer with the use of the Internet, information systems, and new communication channels, such as social networks and instant messaging applications.

Over the last
20 years

We have expanded our operations to other regions of Brazil and started an export operation based in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, we also opened our own headquarters in Curitiba and invested in the acquisition of new technologies combined with the hiring of operators and analysts. All of the above were done with the aim of always being ahead expanding our expertise and providing our customers with information and market trends to carry out the best deals in agricultural commodities.


From Paraná to the World

Our headquarters are in Curitiba, Paraná, but our operations go beyond national and international borders.
We have operators who serve customers from the South to the North of Brazil, in addition to an operational
base in Geneva, Switzerland, for grain brokerage in the markets of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Since its foundation, Granopar has
always invested in training brokers,
enabling them to carry out
the best deals.

Experienced in the sector, Granopar's brokers offer the company's clients the agility and market knowledge necessary to carry out excellent deals. Granopar also has a tradition in training professionals, with several brokers from Paraná and Brazil having started or perfected their careers in our company.

Granopar currently has the following team of professionals:
Jairo Cesar Ditzel
Owner/ Name Partner
Wanderley Wiestel
Owner/ Name Partner
Alexandre Oliveira
Soy/Corn Broker
Camila Ditzel
Soy/Bran Broker
Cláudio Anacleto
Financial Manager
Djalma Amaral Junior
Corn Broker
Emanoel Fonseca Junior
Soy/Corn Broker
Endriw Echermann
João Victor Bassetto
Market Analyst
José Alfredo
Soy/Corn Broker
José Luiz Oliveira
Soy/Corn Broker (Export)
Leonardo Marangoni
Soy/Corn Broker
Mirelle Dias
Soy/Corn Broker (Export)
Rodolfo Amaral
Soy/Corn Broker