More than brokers, we monitor the performance of the entire operation

Here at Granopar, the provision of brokerage services for soybeans and its derivatives, corn, and wheat goes beyond intermediating negotiations between buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. It aso involves market analysis, negotiation, control and issuance of contracts domestically and abroad, in addition to delivery and payment confirmations.

Information and Analysis

Our brokers work with an information system updated in real time and
with the support of market analysts to intermediate all negotiations.

News Duty

Chicago Stock Exchange
pre-opening calls

Bulletins on the main
agricultural market reports

Daily report on the external
and internal market.

Moreover, our team also holds annual events in various regions where we operate to present industry trends and,
most importantly, strengthen relationships with our customers and partners


We connect buyers and sellers of
agricultural commodities such as
soybeans (bran and oil), corn,
and wheat through the best offer.

Agricultural Commodities

We mediate the negotiation of the purchase and sale of soybeans and their by-products, such as bran, oils and residues.

Commodity Exchange

We own shares on the main Commodity Exchanges in Brazil, on which we can participate in public auctions.

Public Auctions

CONAB and tenders from government agencies.

Hedge on the Stock Exchange

Through a partnership with a stock broker, we work with the main agricultural commodities futures market exchanges


Fixing operations on the Chicago stock exchange.


Grain market hedging strategies.

Back Office

Control and issuance of domestic
market and export contracts

We close commercial transactions and formalize negotiated contracts.
Our team monitors the entire process, from analyzing the quality of the cargo and
requesting quotas to its delivery and payment confirmation.